Introducing, the THUMB system! The following describes the four categories a game may fall under.

  •  – Thumbs down games are not worth your time. There are many flaws in them that keep the game from being fun. A game that get’s a thumbs down isn’t even worth it after a price drop.
  •  – A thumb sideways is given to games that float on mediocrity mountain. These types of games have their moments of greatness, but are kept down by those which equally disappoint. Side Thumbs are often rentals and/or price drops.
  •   – A game that earns a thumbs up was really enjoyable but wasn’t perfect. It likely has one to two major flaws that keep it from being a definite purchase. However, these games are definitely worth taking a look at. If they game has already caught your eye, a Thumbs Up can be taken as a recommendation of purchase.
  •   – A game that earns two thumbs up deserves your attention. It is expertly crafted and has few flaws. Two thumbs up is as close to perfection as you’re ever going to get on this site. Stop reading this and go buy the game, right now.

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