For Your Consideration: Hyper Light Drifter


Hyper Light Drifter is an independent game being developed by Heart Machine for PC, Mac, and Linux. The Kickstarter funded project looks to be artist, Alex Preston’s first game to market. He’s not alone in this venture, though, as he’s gathered quite the team for the development process. Beau Blyth (Teknopants), most recently known for his own Samurai Gunn’s fame, has been selected as lead programmer. Rich Vreeland (Disasterpiece), freelance composer/sound designer, has been confirmed to be producing the game’s soundtrack (my personal favorite addition). Finally, Will Wiesenfield (Baths) has been selected to — well, currently he’s only been selected to make the trailer music for the game, but after viewing and listening to the trailer, hopefully we can expect more contributions from him.

What is it?

Preston has promised an experience reminiscent of A Link to the Past and Diablo, but tailored to his own style and modernized mechanics. The art design is similar to that of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery on iOS and Steam, boasting a pixel-art motif, but altering to a top-down view. Preston’s world is bursting with detail, and it’s not by coincidence. He explains on the webpage, “I want it all to be as beautiful as possible, forging color with the dark and eerie wastes and intimidating landscapes.” Hyper Light Drifter adds multiple systems to be taken advantage of, including: a sprite companion with the ability to manage your inventory and hud, primary and secondary items, and both a dash and defense system for a more robust combat experience.

How is it doing?

Within just under two days, Hyper Light Drifter has generated quite the buzz, and an earnest amount of funding. In fact, the game continues to generate funds by the minute, shattering all of its initial stretch goals and fast approaching its new ones. Most notably, the $220,000 feat marks the game coming to PS4 and Vita. Hyper Light DrifterIt has already gained some traction within the gaming community, but it will be interesting to see just how far Alex Preston’s vision will go.


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